Fremers Market
     Daily Specials-Bakery-Catering-Deli​
              Contact: 814-265-8538​

- Cookies 40 cents each
   -Raisin filled cookies 60 cents
​​   -Kiss cookies
   -Peanut butter cup cookies
   -​Chocolate whoopee pies (Gobs) 
   -Chocolate oatmeal cookies
   -​​Oatmeal raisin cookies
   -Sugar cookies
   -Peanut butter cookies
   -Mnm cookies
   -Chocolate Chip cookies
   -macadamia nut cookies
-Donuts 60 cents each
   -Long johns
   -Chocolate​ and vanilla iced
​​​​​​​​-Birthday Cakes
   -1/4 Sheet $19
   -1/2 sheet​​  $31
   -Full sheet $55​
   -$10 extra drawing
   -1/2 Dozen $4.50
   -Dozen $9​​​
​​-Brownies and Blueberry muffins
​-Homemade Dinner Rolls 
​-Garlic Bread​
Daily Specials
Every Monday-Steak or Chicken Salads​
Wednesdays-Wing, Shrimp, and Crab cake Specials 
​Fridays- Wing, Shrimp, Crab cake, and Fish Specials
No Specials on weekends​​
 !Wing Flavors!

​​-Johnny Carlson​(Hot, Butter and Garlic, Parmesan Cheese)
-Honey BBQ
-Honey Mustard​
-Hot Ranch
-Butter and Garlic​

-Macaroni Salad
-Potato Salad
-Ham Salad
-Spring Salad​


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Fresh cut Meat
-Delmonico Steak
-Ribeye Steak
-New York strip​​s

-​Pepperoni, Italian, Ham, and Steak Rolls
-Chicken Stromboli
-Ham and Turkey Pretzel Melts
-​​​Bacon or Sausage Egg and Cheese muffins
-Italian Hoagies
-Steak Hoagies
-​​​Mea​tball Hoagies
-Fish Sandwiches ​​​
-Delmonico Steak
​-Ribeye Steak
-NY Strips​​​​
-Hanging Baskets
-Corn mid-late summer​
-Greenhouse open early summer​​
-Hanging baskets
- Green house opens early summer
-Corn sales mid-late summer​​​
-Call or come in and make the menu we have just about everything​!!!